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No matter what your existing written or online homeschool curriculum requirements are today, you can use the hungryfrog free homeschool online curriculum software programs to help make learning more fun and entertaining to your homeschool students. The foremost goal of the Hungryfrog free online homeschool software programs is to enable you to supplement any homeschool curriculum with homeschool teaching materials you and the community create and share no matter what your individual written or online homeschool curriculum requirements or homeschool teaching plans. All of the online homeschool software programs are free to use from any computer at any time. The online homeschool curriculum software in Latin and Greek Hungry frog free online homeschool programs in Flash allow you to create vocabulary lessons and even create new dictionary entries to suit your homeschool curriculum requirements. You (or your students) create lessons online using the free online homeschool software programs, and the lessons you create instantly become available to the community and to your students. Your students then play learning games based on those lessons using just their internet browser with no downloads, no sign ups, and no wait!

In fact, you can use the free online lesson maker software to create learning topics of virtually ANY topic by using the online software program lesson manager programs - all part of the free online program accessible with just your browser!

We try to keep the Flash free online homeschool programs simple and self explanatory, but as time goes by things always get complicated so if you have any questions feel free to use the secure (your email is encrypted before it is sent) contact form at this web site to contact us.

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You use the Flash online homeschool software programs from just your internet browser. No sign ups. No downloads. You share community based resources to supplement your own homeschool curriculum. Create your own lessons and instantly share them with others. Learn about the hungryfrog Greek homeschool software programs here at this site or visit the hungryfrog Latin homeschool online curriculum website to explore the online Latin language software programs.

Use the link in the bold header text above this paragraph to navigate to the hungryfrog.com free homeschool online program Flash main jumping off page from which you can access all the current Flash programs in the free homeschool online program from hungryfrog.com. Alternatively, use any of the Flash labeled links in the sidebar to jump to the Latin & Greek online programs directly. 

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We want you to be able to create content to match your own existing written or online homeschool curriculum plan and materials as easily as possible. As someone managing a variety of homeschool teaching resources, you may not want to wade through lots of material to get your lessons created to suit your homeschool curriculum needs. To enable simple and quick integration with any homeschool curriculum, we have created a simple and intuitive lesson maker / lesson editor separate from the game content your students see while learning. You are now able to manage your lessons directly without having to 'play' any of the Flash online program activities. All still part of the free online homeschool programs, you can now use the stand-alone browser based lesson maker to create lessons to match your homeschool curriculum and lesson plans. You never leave the browser. You jump right into lesson creation without dealing with any of the the entertainment of the 'edutainment' concept. You deal with the education only. Once you are satisfied with the learning materials, your students pick the games they enjoy the most. You edit the learning content to match your homeschool curriculum. They play to learn. Choose, edit, or create your Latin language vocabulary or Homeric Greek vocabulary lessons to match your homeschool curriculum in the Classics. Play the online homeschool curriculum software programs in Latin from the online lessons you create using these same online lesson management programs.

Flash Homeschool Curriculum Software Aids | Homeschool Software Online Programs Lesson and Dictionary maker for fast paced Latin language vocabulary builder games from Hungryfrog.com

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