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We created the lesson manager system to let you match your homeschool curriculum with a minimum of fuss. Everything is free and all work is carried out with just your internet browser as part of the free homeschool online program from Hungryfrog. The special externalized Lesson Manager lets you create and manage your online lessons to match your homeschool curriculum without having to enter into any of the Flash games themselves to edit and create lessons. This is becoming more and more important as we add more and more Flash games to give students in the Hungryfrog Homeschool Online Program more options for learning styles and preferences. In the Classics, explore the greek homeschool programs here or visit the companion website for the hungryfrog homeschool online curriculum software programs in Latin.

The completely externalized Lesson Manager enables you to create and to edit lessons for the learning topic of your choice in an easily accessible way which works much quicker than having to enter the flash games themselves to drill through to the in-game Lesson Managers. In fact, you can use the online lesson manager software to create any content you want when you use it in combination with the dictionary editing tools. The dictionary, while in the context of the online language learning programs a word or phrase dictionary, can be used to create quiz and test content in any subject at all. 

To enable you to easily manage content in the topics of interest to you for your homeschool curriculum, bookmark the lesson manager pages for the game topics of your choice rather than relying on the in-game Lesson Managers.

To add even more flexibility to the online homeschool programs, you can now also edit the online program language dictionaries directly as part of the lesson manager homeschool online program management system. Whatever the unique requirements of the written or online homeschool curriculum course you are implementing, you can use the online program management system to match your homeschool teaching content requirements exactly. The online program content you create stays available to you and your students from one learning session to another and becomes part of the shared online homeschool curriculum resources available to all.

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